Hi, my name is Dion Kaszas I am a painter, tattoo artist, cultural tattoo practitioner, teacher, and scholar of Hungarian, Métis, and Nlaka’pamux (Interior Salish) heritage. I was born in British Columbia, Canada and my heart will always be in the Shuswap. As a professional tattoo artist I can be found working at HFX Tattoo in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The inspiration for my work comes from my Salish and Métis heritage and my life long passion for tattooing. With the exception of a ten-year period where I was serving as a Christian minister or managing a nightclub I have always been creating something using my hands. The spark to create returned as I entered my tattoo apprenticeship in 2009.

My passion for tattooing extends beyond my artistic work into my academic and scholarly work; I completed my Masters degree in Indigenous Studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2018. My area of research is Indigenous tattooing, focusing keenly on the revival of Indigenous peoples tattooing practices, using Indigenous and Creative research methodologies.

In October of 2019 I was awarded a Long Term Project Grant through the Canada Council of the Arts, via the Office of Indigenous Arts, in the Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, component. This grant will allow me to undertake five overlapping and related projects that support the enterprise of strengthening and promoting Nlaka’pamux tattooing including research, writing, production and creation of new works. It also involves the dissemination, exhibition, and presentation of Nlaka’pamux embodied artistic works and knowledge through creation, display, and sharing nationally and internationally.

This blog will document my journey over the next three years including the journey I will be taking with support through my Canada Council grant. I also hope to start publishing more posts related to my scholarly work including comments about the current book chapter I am writing and other important projects.

If you enjoy and support the work that do I will be asking for your help as I begin to devote more time to sharing my thoughts and creative endeavours. Keep your eyes open for an important update coming in 2020.

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I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


About Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s public arts funder, with a mandate to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts. The Council champions and invests in artistic excellence through a broad range of grants, services, prizes and payments to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations. Its work ensures that excellent, vibrant and diverse art and literature engages Canadians, enriches their communities and reaches markets around the world. The Council also raises public awareness and appreciation of the arts through its communications, research and arts promotion activities. It is responsible for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, which promotes the values and programs of UNESCO in Canada to contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable future. The Canada Council Art Bank operates art rental programs and helps further public engagement with contemporary arts.